Why do you need cashback/ coupon websites as a brand?

As an affiliate network we’ve noticed that more and more brands are now interested in promoting their programs with the help of good coupon and cashback websites. And while they are different in nature and have different benefits for the brands, they have some key points in common:

Higher conversion rate. People that purchase products from your brand through cashback or coupon sites are more motivated to spend money than a regular user stumbling upon a banner on some website. Cashback and coupon sites attract only those searching for the best deals for their future orders: thus more likely to convert to a sale

Higher average order values. This might sound a bit paradoxical, but the more people can save on their order, the more they are willing to buy additional stuff. To customers it feels like a good bargain, for brands - bigger purchases

Improving brand awareness. The more your brand is exposed on different platforms, the more likely you are to be chosen over your competitors. Especially if those competitors don’t provide any special deals to their customers.

There are many other reasons to add coupon/cashback traffic for your ad campaigns (that we’ll be sharing in the future). And you can always start working with them through Adpump: just message your account manager.

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