Are education offers profitable?

The pandemic (as with any other verticals in the affiliate market) has shown how we can buy everything online, book anything online, entertain ourselves online as well as study online. And this is exactly how the education offers have skyrocketed in the number of users and, obviously, in revenue. If you still don’t know why the education vertical is profitable, here are a few points:
  • The payout rates are usually much higher than in other verticals. Depending on the advertiser, you can have a fixed CPA rate or RevShare (or both). With Revshare you can continue earning your commission with each new order of the user you brought. Which means you can get paid long after you stopped sending traffic.
  • The frenzy about online courses is not about to end in the foreseeable future with online learning platforms being on top. Online education is expected to generate $166.60bn in 2023 (according to Statista) with an annual growth rate at 9.22%.
  • There is an abundance of offers to choose from: from essay writing to language learning to regular self-development. The world is your oyster. You can work with more popular brands like Skillshare or with less popular brands like EP Home.
So, working with education offers will not only be profitable in the long run, but with your placements you will also be contributing to people GET(ting) SMARTER (yes, we do have this offer. Yes, pun intended).
Stay tuned for the list of our top education offers.

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