How to start working with affiliates

Getting started with an affiliate program of your own can be frustrating, we get it. Everyone is doing it (around 80% of all brands in the world have their affiliate programs), but it doesn’t make it any less of an adventure. Even starting with a new affiliate network can feel like too much. Let’s just see why it is a great tool to boost your sales and how you can leverage your program to benefit you:
- Work with your affiliate manager: make sure they understand how you see the performance and don’t forget to listen to their ideas (with their experience and expertise they can give you some valuable advice).
- Have clear objectives: what audience should be targeted, what sales are more preferable, what budget you have for the campaign. The more details you give, the easier it will be to manage the campaign.
- Find the best rates and conditions you can offer to affiliates: the more appealing they are on the market, the more publishers with good traffic you will get.
- Review the performance and give your feedback to your account managers. This is where you can ask to increase traffic from a specific publisher, recruit new publishers and get rid of those that you feel are not a great fit.
You can exercise as much control over the performance as you want. And our account managers in Adpump will help you to find the right publishers for your program and get the performance to the next level.

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