How to become a trusted partner in an affiliate network

Forging a working relationship is never that easy. It takes time, resources and proving yourself as a trustworthy partner. But how do you do it if you’re a publisher and want to become a trusted partner in an affiliate network you work with?
We’ve talked to our affiliate managers and here are the most important points:
  • Give true information about your traffic source and try to be honest about how you drive traffic. In most cases, you will have to send screenshots of your placements or links to verify it. But if the network, or the advertiser, suspects it’s not a valid source and the quality of your traffic is low, you might get suspended or even banned.
  • Try to always respond to your affiliate manager in a timely manner. Publishers can get suspended because they didn’t respond to the request from the platform for several days and the advertiser asked to remove them from the offer.
Having good partnership with affiliate networks is crucial for your success and your profit. The more the network trusts you => the more offers you can work => the more money you can get. An easy scheme, is it not?

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